McKay Finnigan and Associates have been contracted by the Downtown Winnipeg BIZ to undertake a number of projects including the following;

2013-2016 Strategic Plan - Involved a two strategic planning sessions with; one with BIZ staff, the other with the Board of Directors. A planning process was envisioned which would be conducted in a manner to be able to:
  •    Identifying potential partners in the redevelopment of its property;
  •    discuss what brings change to both Downtown Winnipeg and the BIZ;
  •    discuss how the downtown environment is likely to change in the next 3 years; and
  •    ensure that a rigorous and honest self-appraisal of the BIZ and its programs took place.

    Health of the Downtown Summit -MFA facilitated a one day session that involved participants representing variety stakholder groups in the city's downtown.The purpose of the Summit was two-fold:
  •    bring partners and stakeholders together to highlight current and emerging downtown trends; and
  •    discuss downtown’s future and recommend actionable items to keep downtown’s momentum moving. Discussion focussed on how to make downtown one of the most desirable places to live, work, and experience.