Client: Gas Station Arts Centre (GSAC)
The intent of this project is to build upon a preliminary feasibility study which was completed by Andrea Spakowski, University of Manitoba Master of City Planning student, under the guidance of Harry Finnigan. MFA was then engaged on an ongoing basis by the GSAC to assist the organization to:
  •    Identifying potential partners in the redevelopment of its property.
  •    guide the development process.
  •    facilitate the fundraising process guided by a working group co-chaired by Lloyd Axworthy and Colin Lount.

  • GSAC, along with its partners Lakeview Realty, Performing Arts Lodge, MacDonald Youth Services, DreamBig intends to spearhead a denser development which would be structured in such a way as to;
  •    provide a much improved performing arts facility for the GSAC and its tenants;
  •    provide the GSAC with a new source of on-going revenue to be allocated toward its operations; and
  •    ensure uses within a new building complex are compatible with the GSAC’s mission and programming, including the inclusion of affordable housing.

  • During a public rezoning hearing at Winnipeg's City Council, 40 people from the community appeared in support of the project with no one appearing in opposition. This hearing led to City Council approving the organization's development application in July 2014.
    In 2015, the Province of Manitoba approved $2 million dollars towards establishing affordable housing on the site.